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The Independent National Approved Premises Association CIC [NAPA]

NAPA CIC (Community Interest Company) is an association of the providers of the fourteen independently managed Approved Premises (IAPs) in England and Wales.  All Approved Premises (APs), whether run independently or by the state directly, provide community based residential facilities for those who have offended.

The independently managed sector currently provides about 12% of the Approved Premises (AP) estate in
England & Wales, and over 50% of the AP provision for females. IAPs are usually owned by a charity, with a board of trustees, but there are other provider organisations too. However, they all operate as part of' His Majesty's Prison & Probation Service's (HMPPS) AP estate, alongside those managed directly by the Probation Service itself.


Overall NAPA considers that we….

have an enabling role in our business relationship with our associate IAPs. NAPA’s role could be informally described as similar to that of a ‘trade association’, in that each of the IAPs has its own governing body, and it is not for NAPA to have any kind of ‘governing’ or ‘managing’ role in respect of any of them. But NAPA can serve in an ‘enabling’ role in matters where the IAPs have interests in common, for example with information-sharing and some training. Furthermore, NAPA can act as the collective eyes, ears and voice of IAPs within the wider criminal justice and supported accommodation networks.

More information on the work of APs can be found on the Approved Premises page


Further details of each of the Independently managed APs which are associated with NAPA can be found from their individual websites, as listed on the

Independent Approved Premises page

For a deeper discussion of what it means to be an independent AP, a paper was written

in December 2023 by our Strategic Director, Andrew Bridges, and can be read here


Please Note: 

NAPA does not represent the Approved Premises that are owned and managed directly by the Probation Service. For further information and contact details, please go to the

Probation Service page on the Gov.Uk website   


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